CNC sharpening services

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Eide Saw sharpens cold saw cutting blades, carbide tipped blades, planers, jointers, picture frame trimmers and knives.
See our specs and equipment below.
If you need sharpening services, cleaning, tip replacement – please contact us.

Cold Saw Cutting Blades

cold saw cutting

Precision saws are sharpened on computer controlled CNC grinders for perfect cutting accuracy, including Chipbreaker and Notch Grinding.

Before sharpening, all metal cutting saws are inspected for:

Broken teeth
Side clearance

Cold saws, friction saws, and segmental saws are serviced to the customer’s exact specifications.
Segmental saw segments are inventoried and installed with laser accuracy.

Carbide Tipped Blades

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Eide services all sizes and styles of carbide tipped blades from 4″ to 40″.

Carbide tip replacement and/or complete re-tipping, blade boring, match grinding, mirror finishing, hammering and re-tensioning, re-profiling and shoulder repairs.

Saw blades are inspected for:

  • Broken carbide teeth
  • Cracks
  • Blade flatness
  • Concentricity
  • Bore Size

Planer, Jointer, Picture Frame Trimmer, Knives

knive sharpening

Our precision industrial knife grinder allows us to grind HSS and carbide jointer, planer, and picture frame trimmer knives to perfection. All knives are hand-honed to sharpness for perfect performance on your machine.